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Periodontal Treatment

Healthy gums are the foundation of every great smile. Your dental health depends on the health of your gums, so caring for them properly is essential. Research has linked periodontal (gum) infections to many other health issues such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, and certain types of cancer. By achieving and maintaining healthy gums, you are protecting your overall health and wellness.

Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a progressive condition. In its early stages, called gingivitis, symptoms include bad breath, inflammation, bleeding when brushing or flossing, and mild pain. As it progresses into advanced gum disease, called periodontitis, symptoms can worsen to include pus, recession, pocketing, and tooth mobility or tooth loss.

While the main cause of periodontal disease is neglect, some medical conditions, medications, hormonal changes, and even stress can worsen the condition.

Gentle Dental Cleanings

Whether you are right on track with your routine dental cleanings or you have some catching up to do, our hygienists will always provide you with gentle, yet thorough, dental cleanings. They also enjoy sharing information with patients regarding home care and any products that can help you stay healthy.

Periodontal Treatment and Ongoing Care

To determine the current health of your gums, we begin with a periodontal exam, measuring any gingival pocketing, tracking bleeding points, and measuring recession. Once we determine your current level of health, we can prescribe treatment that meets your health needs.

In its earliest stages, we may be able to reverse gum disease completely with proper treatment and diligent home care. A professional dental cleaning, instruction on how to get the most out of your brushing and flossing habits at home, as well as a regular re-care schedule can restore your health and maintain it over the long term.

As gum disease progresses, we recommend periodontal dental cleanings aimed to eliminate infection, remove bacteria and any damaged tissue, and promote healing. At Formosa Dental Arts, we have a soft-tissue laser that allows us to promote healing painlessly and help get you back on track to excellent oral health.

Placing a local antibiotic, called Arestin, can assist in healing by reducing bacteria levels.

Patients who have suffered from periodontal disease in the past will always be more prone to reinfection. Because of this, your routine care is especially important. More frequent or thorough dental cleanings may be necessary for you to maintain excellent periodontal health.

You play a vital role in your oral health. Home care is essential to having fresh breath, beautiful teeth, and healthy gums. Brushing at least twice per day, flossing thoroughly at least once per day, and professional dental cleanings are your greatest weapons against gum disease.

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