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Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed

Having a bright, white smile projects the image of youth, beauty, and conscientiousness about one’s appearance – something we value in today’s society.

Ironically, it is almost impossible to avoid some natural staining on your teeth throughout your lifetime, even if you avoid tobacco and coffee. Because teeth are porous, they absorb color from beverages and the foods we eat – even the healthy ones!

If you would like to recapture the white smile of your youth, we can help! At Formosa Dental Arts, we offer the most modern and effective method of teeth whitening: Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed.

What Is Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed?

Zoom! WhiteSpeed uses blue LED light to help accelerate the whitening process. Even if they are stains that have been around for years, Zoom! whitening can lighten or even eliminate most tough stains.

Dr. Alexander Chang will protect your gums with a barrier gel during the whitening process and apply professional strength whitening gel to the front of your teeth. Using our WhiteSpeed blue LED lamp, we will activate the whitening gel, lifting stains away from your teeth. The entire process takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. You can expect to see up to six shades difference in one appointment – the best results available!

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

No teeth whitening is permanent because your teeth are exposed to colorful foods and beverages every day. Tobacco use and coffee consumption will increase how quickly your teeth become stained again. We can schedule whitening appointments as necessary so that you can always keep your smile looking healthy, youthful, and bright.

Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

Most people can have teeth whitening with few or no side effects. One of the most common complaints post-whitening is tooth sensitivity. This is especially possible for patients who already have sensitive teeth, a clenching or grinding habit, or gum recession. If you let us know about any sensitivity in advance, we can take precautions to ensure comfortable professional teeth whitening treatment.

Fluoride helps to strengthen enamel and may reduce sensitivity, especially in areas of tooth recession. Relief gel is also available and can be used either before or after whitening treatment to reduce sensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity from whitening is temporary and will subside within a day or two. You can use over-the-counter pain medication to manage any discomfort.

Contact Us for a Whiter Smile!

Our Irvine, CA dental team helps hundreds of patients each year achieve a whiter, more beautiful smile using Zoom! teeth whitening. Contact us to learn more about how Zoom! WhiteSpeed works or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chang to learn about all of your options.

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