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Complete (Full) and Partial Dentures

Finding a dentist who makes great-fitting, esthetic dentures can be a challenge! Denture creation requires extensive knowledge of jaw function, occlusion, and design to ensure that your dentures stay put and feel comfortable.

Dr. Alexander Chang is both experienced and highly skilled in the art of denture creation. Not only does he create dentures that feel great, but he also considers their appearance so that you can feel confident every time you smile.

Complete (Full) Dentures

You may have memories of your grandparents’ dentures. Did they always look a little out of place and boxy? You will be happy to know that dentures have come a long way since then, and it is now possible to have natural-looking dentures that fit your smile and your facial structure.

When you have missing teeth on your upper or lower arch, you are extremely limited in what you can eat. Without teeth, your facial appearance can look sunken and aged. With quality dentures, you can get your life back!

We create complete dentures using a pink resin base that looks like natural gum tissue and high-quality denture teeth. Dr. Chang will choose denture teeth that are the correct size, length, and shade to match your smile. Together you can discuss your goals for your new look so that when you receive your dentures, you can laugh, eat, and smile confidently!

Even if you have full dentures, having a routine dental exam is important. We will check the fit, function, and integrity of your denture. If it is damaged, we will schedule repairs. Additionally, at each dental exam, you will receive a life-saving oral cancer screening.

Custom Partial Dentures

When you still have natural teeth, we can offer the option of a partial denture. Partial dentures use your existing teeth as an anchor to hold the appliance in place. At Formosa Dental Arts, we create partials that give you a seamless appearance. They will match your natural teeth so that when you smile, they look uniform.

Partial dentures come in a variety of materials. From flexible materials to lightweight resin and even partials with a metal base, we can help determine which will work best for you.

Caring for your remaining teeth is essential since they provide the anchor for your partial dentures. Proper home care and routine dental exams and dental cleanings reduce the risk of gum disease and additional tooth loss.

Implant-Supported Dentures

For better fit and function, our patients often choose to have implant-supported partials or full dentures. By using dental implants to retain your denture, we can provide you with a more reliable fit. You will not need to worry about embarrassing moments when your denture shifts or comes loose.

Dental implants also provide the added benefit of bone retention. Your body structure supports your facial features, giving your face a more youthful and healthy appearance.

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Do you have ill-fitting dentures? Contact us to learn more about how high-quality dentures can benefit you! We help restore hundreds of smiles each year at our Irvine, CA dental office.

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