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Dr. Alexander Chang is fully committed to staying on top of the latest developments in dentistry and implementing technology that benefits our patients by providing more comfortable, accurate dentistry. Today's advancements in modern dentistry allow us to provide smiles that are beautiful, long-lasting, and healthy for a lifetime.

Here are just a few of the ways that technology makes dental care a great experience for our patients.

Invisalign and iTero

For orthodontic treatments, Formosa Dental Arts offer Invisalign to make sure your teeth are aligned in the most predictable way.  With Invisalign's technology and its patents,  even advanced teeth movement can be accomplished with much more promising result than its competitors.

We are also excited to introduce iTero, a state-of-the-art digital intra-oral scanner that eliminates the need for messy impressions.  This cutting edge technology helps us improve the speed and accuracy of our treatment.  With iTero, whether it'd be Invisalign or crowns, there is virtually no impression distortion or concerns with shipping time that may delay your treatment.

Nobel Biocare Implant Systems

Some companies rise to the top when it comes to modern dentistry. Since the landscape of dental implant technology is constantly changing to improve longevity, integration, and results for our patients' implants, we use companies that lead the advancements in their field – Nobel Biocare and Hahn Tapered Implants. Being the company with a solid history and innovative future, these companies provides outstanding, reliable results for our patients' implant treatment and use the highest quality materials available.

Dr. Alexander Chang recommends and uses both systems in our Irvine, CA dental office. His experience and precision result in beautiful, stable dentistry that serves our patients well for long-term solutions to tooth loss.

VistaPure Water Filtration

At Formosa Dental Arts, maintaining the highest level of sterility is our number one priority. It keeps our patients safe and healthy! When performing dental procedures, that extends to every piece of equipment, our instruments, and even the water we use. That is why our delivery units use VistaPure water filtration. VistaPure removes all bacteria, impurities, and unwanted chemicals from water that we use during procedures. This means you have your treatment in the healthiest environment possible.

GenDex Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays provide instant, high-resolution images for faster, more accurate diagnoses. Digital dental x-rays also reduce radiation exposure by up to 90 percent over traditional x-rays. As an added benefit, your x-rays are securely stored and encrypted in your digital chart to protect your privacy. If sharing your images with a specialist becomes necessary, we can do so instantly using secure email so that your provider has the most up-to-date information instantly.


Soft tissue surgery is made more precise and comfortable using soft tissue laser technology. At Formosa Dental Arts, we use Biolase lasers to treat periodontal disease and to perform gingival surgeries such as cosmetic sculpting, frenectomies, and crown lengthening.

Soft tissue lasers allow us to preserve more healthy tissue, promote faster healing times, and result in less bleeding.

Additional uses for Biolase lasers include treatment of cold sores, canker sores, TMJ pain, and teeth whitening.


Early detection is key to early diagnosis and proper management of dental conditions such as decay, periodontal disease, and cracked teeth. SoproLife uses fluorescent light to reveal these conditions in their earliest stages, before they are visible to the naked eye or with x-rays.

Additionally, Soprolife allows us to capture high-resolution images inside your mouth – even of single teeth or other very small areas. This provides us with the unique ability to show you what we see. That way, you fully understand your dental condition and can make an excellent choice regarding your decision for treatment.

Oral Conscious Sedation

It's no secret that many people would rather be anywhere than at the dental office In many cases, this is due to a high level of fear when it comes to dental treatment. Millions of Americans suffer from dental anxiety. That is why Dr. Alexander Chang offers oral sedation dentistry in our Irvine, CA dental office. By providing the option for sedation, Dr. Chang makes dental treatment possible for many patients who would otherwise avoid it until an unfortunate dental emergency arises. Sedation dentistry allows your patients to have fear-free, painless dentistry to protect and beautify their smiles.

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