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What does it mean when my gums bleed?

Bleeding gums can happen when something like a seed or a popcorn hull becomes lodges between your tooth and gums. While this can be a painful experience, the bleeding usually subsides once the foreign object is removed.

Prolonged bleeding of your gums can indicate a serious condition known as periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is often accompanied by pain in your gums and bad breath due to infection. Any time your gums bleed, it is your body indicating that something is wrong. You should call our Irvine, CA dental office as quickly as possible to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Chang. Dr. Chang will perform a periodontal exam to determine the level of your health.

We treat all levels of periodontal disease here at Formosa Dental Arts and can help you get back on track with excellent health.

Dr. Chang will recommend a periodontal treatment plan to restore your oral health and protect your teeth. Not only that, but you can enjoy fresh breath again! Our hygienists are gentle and thorough. They educate our patients on how to maximize their home care routines and keep their smiles looking, feeling, and smelling fresh.

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