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My dentures do not fit well. What should I do?

Ill-fitting dentures can be painful and may make it difficult to enjoy some of the best things in life – smiling and laughing! It is common for the fit of your denture to change over time because tooth loss can cause bone loss in your jaw and facial structure. A denture that fit well five or more years ago may no longer feel snug, or it may even move around when you chew.

We encourage you to contact Formosa Dental Arts to schedule an exam with Dr. Alexander Chang. Dr. Chang can evaluate your denture to determine whether a reline or a new denture will help you regain full function. We strive for quick turnaround times so that you do not have to go for days without your teeth.

Another option for securing a loose denture is dental implants. By placing a few dental implants in your jawbone, we can create a denture that locks in place using dental implants as anchors. Implant-retained dentures combine the security that comes with dental implants and the affordability of dentures. 

Having dentures that give you confidence when you eat or look in the mirror can make life a much more enjoyable experience. Properly fitting dentures also give you wider variety when it comes to your diet.

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