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Alexander Chang, DDS

Will my dental appointment hurt?

Your comfort is a big priority to our Irvine, CA dental team. Dr. Alexander Chang is highly skilled at delivering painless injections and making sure you receive the precise amount of anesthetic necessary to ensure completely comfortable treatment.

Dental procedures, even complex ones, should not be painful. After administering anesthetic, we allow time for it to take effect before starting any dental work. Dr. Chang will communicate with you throughout the process to ensure that your tooth is completely numb before beginning work.

If you have significant dental anxiety, it might be more difficult for you to become numb or stay numb during treatment. Stress chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol can prevent anesthetic from working properly. By addressing your anxiety, we can help you enjoy the full effects of anesthesia and a painless dental experience.

At Formosa Dental Arts, we offer sedation dentistry to our patients who are fearful about their dental appointments. Sedation dentistry helps patients relax fully, reduces the gag reflex that sometimes plagues patients during treatment, and makes treatment feel like a breeze. 

To learn more about pain-free dentistry, contact our dental office. We help patients get the dental treatment they need comfortably in a relaxed, compassionate environment.

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