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What are sealants and how do they work?

Natural teeth have pits and grooves that are sometimes difficult to clean.  Take a look at figure 1.  It shows a magnified view of what it looks like when the tip of a toothbrush bristle reaches the groove of a tooth.  It is unable to clean deep down inside the grooves of our teeth.  This is when sealants come into play.  Sealant, a resin material, are used as a preventative restoration and seal the grooves as depicted in figure 2.  This way, cavity along the pits and grooves of our teeth can be prevented.

In fact, an article from this August's The Journal of the American Dental Association encourages clinicians to increase the use of sealants since they:

  • are effective in preventing pit-and-fissure cavity when compared to no sealants or just fluoride varnish applications.
  • can minimize the progression of initial cavity lesions if enamel is not compromised.

It is time to think and plan ahead with preventative measures in order to protect your teeth from cavities!

Figure 1
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 2


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