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Alexander Chang, DDS

I am afraid of the dentist. Can you help?

Millions of Americans have a fear of the dentist or complain of some level of anxiety when it comes to dental treatment. We take a compassionate approach to dentistry with all of our patients because we want your experience to be the best possible.

Our friendly team is highly skilled and dedicated to helping patients achieve excellent oral health. We take the time to get to know each patient on a personal level because we value long-term relationships with the members of our community.

When you need a little more help to relax during your treatment, we offer oral sedation dentistry. Oral sedation dentistry uses prescription medication to relax you both physically and mentally during treatment. It will last throughout your procedure and leave you with little to no memory of your treatment.

Oral sedation is a great option to calm nerves and also helps the local anesthetic we use during treatment work more efficiently. 

If you have been putting off dental treatment due to a fear of the dentist, this may provide you with a solution that allows you to have the dental treatment you need for a healthy, comfortable, beautiful smile.

Contact us to learn more about how oral sedation dentistry can benefit you.

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