Formosa Dental Arts
Alexander Chang, DDS

What is this Formosa TotalCare Program?

Starting November of 2016, we will be launching our Formosa TotalCare Program for all of our active patients.  Upon completion of necessary preventative care, patients will receive our usual care package, which consists of toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and sample mouthwash.

Our toothpaste tubes will change from sample size to full-sized tubes.  We have also recently upgraded our sample floss to full-size floss!  Manual toothbrushes will be provided to our patients.  For patients who either received or purchased Philips Sonicare toothbrushes through us, brush heads will be provided instead as part of the package at every recall.

With our TotalCare Program, the goal is to provide our patients continuous care from our office to home.  Best of all, there is no additional cost for our patients!  We will make the purchases so that our patients won't have to.  There is no catch!  All of this will be provided to you at our cost simply because we are grateful and appreciate all of our patients' loyalty and trust.  This is the least we can do!  Don't hesitate, join us!

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